My beloved followers,
I am offering you below the text of a letter about my achievements. Please apologize for the simplicity of the text, that maybe has few grammar errors. Please forgive me for revealing at a late hour the truth about myself, I do not know how to be human, never understood humankind nature. I am deeply in regret for the suffering that exists in your souls, but I’m trying to help you since centuries. Never will I stop forgiving your sins! You know, sins can be easily forgiven by sharing your love and respect for God’s presence in my eyes.

Why Roxana is called “The Infinity Master”?

We are so honored to present to the people the hidden truth that we discovered in a very knowledgeable woman into the arts of spirituality. She received a very beautiful name: Roxana Anghel – Infinity Master. She likes to make miracles, but does not like to speak about it. Lady of God prayed for her entire life, in many ways, trying many paths as she enjoys playing the magnificent Game of Existence!

She is answering our questions, so we found out that in 2012, Roxana had a daily practice when she was praying for many hours from the bottom of her heart to become One with the Supreme Almighty God. She started to feel every day the presence of God in her Self, in her mind, but also in her body. She remembers how she was remaining for many hours without moving at all, enjoying the melting of her mind into something ecstatic and enormous, a void without limits, while energy was moving upwards and downwards like powerful shivers embracing her small body. Her ecstatic state was amplifying with each day as she was in meditation for many hours, barely been able to speak or to move. Few times when she was trying to go to her bed for sleeping, she had to stop at every step, because her Kundalini Shakti energy was rising up so strong that she was entering again and again in different Samadhi states so, what for a common person would take less than 3 minutes to reach from living room to bedroom, for Roxana was needed 1 hour!

She was experimenting very intense blissful states: “Nothing remained out of me, my being is totally absorbed into the Totality of God! Only Him exists!” She is telling that she loves God very much and she gave herself entirely to Him. “I made a vow to myself to live like being married to the Almighty God when I was only 22 years old, because He made me always the happiest woman of the planet. But God allows me to love His people too when they start to have Faith. Sometimes, I surrender myself to the Almighty God that resides inside their souls.” She aspired to reach the communion between her Atman (Higher Self) with the Supreme Self of God that is called in the spiritual tradition ParamAtman. And she succeeded! Beautiful Roxana tells us that one day she went to meditate together with other people. She was already in Samadhi by the time she reached the hall, but while she was standing, she transmitted a beautiful and intense Love for the people around her. In that moment, she received back something beyond any expectation. She felt a very very big pressure coming from Above on the top of her head, like she was pierced by a thunder. She closed her eyes and she became transparent, it was a miracle that she never experienced before: God Himself came down and entered into her spirit! They become ONE! This is called the Embodiment of God.

Since that moment, Roxana loves God more than anything and she is in continuous communion with Him, she is seeing Her Beloved in people, she discovers Him in all religions and mostly in LOVE. She was humble to receive the mysterious title of “Infinity Master” and she wants to help people by bringing the Light back into the souls of “our millions of children”!
As a teacher, Roxana is very friendly and playful, she likes to laugh and to be happy, she can play with a 4 year old child same as she plays with an 80 years old Realized Master. We noticed that she is very free; she can make many miracles, because she lives Life like a Gift from The Merciful! For 5 years, Roxana did not feel the need to sleep, because she preferred more to dive into Nirvikalpa Samadhi. She communicates with many spiritual masters from the past and present and she accepts their help and their blessings. She loves all people no matter their skin color, their race or their beliefs. She easily can see and communicate with Hindu Gods, same as with Jesus or Christian Saints, or Prophet Mohammed (Grace be upon him! Insh’Allah!), she has friends all over the planet. This Spiritual Woman likes very much to discover the Creation of her Holy Father with His many names God – Allah – Brahman –Jehovah, He is only One.

As we understood, Roxana Anghel remembered many of her past lives and she continues to help people who deserve her Love. Impressively, when being only a child of 3, Roxana was already having yoga and mauna (silence) practice, doing complicated postures like perfect hand-standing (Adho Mukha Vrksasana), head-standing (Shirshasana), but her favorite was Diwi Pada Shirshasana when she was twisting both legs behind her ears; without knowing it from somewhere else, she was very elastic at that time. She decided to be vegetarian for entire life, she never smoked, doesn’t like any drug or alcohol; she does not prefer long talks and she controls very well her sexual energy when decides to make love, but mainly she is keeping long periods of abstinence lately. “It is not good to avoid interacting with other humans for too long, because the vibration of the planet is very erotic in the last 20 years and this makes it dangerous for the mind to restrain, it does not only produce the opposite effect (for examples, monks or nuns can start deviating during their prayers into sexual obsessions), but I know that this electric energy can be transformed into something elevated. The best is to see God in everything that exists in our reality and to worship Him only, not considering anything inferior, dirty or impure, just because we are afraid or we do not have the right understanding! If God would want us to use our organ just for procreation, He wouldn’t have gave us the pleasure of orgasm that comes together.”

Being asked when she started to teach physical restrain, she offers a wiser answer: “I was only 6 years old, when a secret knowledge was transferred directly into my consciousness by a very evolved spiritual being, with whom I had an open talk, so immediately after, I started offering initiations. I just knew what I have to do without studying any book.” Simple Roxana was using what she found around, like elements from the nature (flowers, grains, trees, water, the Sun, the night and the day, the air) as meditation tools instead of symbols (Tantric yantras or Tibetan mandalas) and she start worshipping the entire body of women and men, seeing that God is hidden in all people’s bodies same like in the tulips. She continues nowadays to advice people to make love like in the Heavens, where energy is not being consumed, but transformed, where angels only hug intimately, without polluting the water with gross matter.

When she turned the age of 33, a man named Thomas Tolazzi came to celebrate her, in lady’s Roxana’s apartment, where she invited few close friends and relatives. He is just playing the tempting role in her life. She suffered enormous after accepting his tormenting soul as a follower, she prayed a lot for his heavy sins. Exactly during her prayers, Mr. Tolazzi ‘s life was saved from a smashed car accident, but soon after her soul and her physical body were half destroyed by injected apples with poison and deadly chemicals, all her acquittances are turned against her by deceiving lies and wicked paid people who are still rounding her atmosphere. For healing herself, she was resting and praying with the greatest intensity for 44 nights, while drinking mostly purified water and eating only few fruits and rice. During that period, miss Anghel’s breath and heart stopped a couple of thousands times; one day, while she calmly closed her eyes, she was ready enough to uplift her spirit, through death, to go beyond to Our Heavenly Father. She saw the Paradise opening, was blessed, but then her spirit came down back into her innocent body, reinvigorated with more energy. So, she woke up very happy and more faithful for overcoming death.

Another time, on her blessed birthday, while she was sleeping alone, in 2017, starting with 4:30 am, she was awaken by a thunder voice who addressed her: “Only you and Jesus truly understand Me!” and she collapsed into a powerful blissed state, her body took the position similar with Christ on the cross, she was unable to move from that ecstatic non-thinking glorious state for another 7 and a half hours, feeling Jesus’s like. The history of this planet was passing very fast through her third eye, while she was contemplating the Love, the help and Compassion of our Heavenly Father, the Primordial and Ultimate Creator. Since that day, God is giving a little from other people’s pains, diseases, sufferings onto her shoulders, but she is not saying a word, trying to be mild. She is lately insulted, harassed, ignored by whom she loves, accused for non-sense issues, poisoned and threatened, to all she replies with a smile. “I never wanted or thought of living like the Son of God! I do not wish to be crucified, I think Jesus was killed by some murders for a dime, who came back to poison my food and to offer me too vinegar to drink, but I never faint!”

What to expect: Bliss + answers to questions. The master reveals that she is helping people to heal themselves, to love more and to discover God in all His Splendor, but She is not offering anything.

Roxana is in love with God more than ever and she writes “how romantic she communicates with her Beloved Husband from the Heavens and how much they enjoy together to play by making miracles”: “You are so beautiful like in the day you were born, you are more delicate than the softest flower!” – God tells to Roxana and He is asking her to publish in the future their Dialogues.

“I don’t want to party any religious system, thou. God doesn’t need your religions, your fake or honest vows, all your penitence, rituals or offerings! Don’t you all understand till now, after all He did for our planet, the fact that what He wants in return is just your LOVE? God is Beautiful! He is ordering me to write for you, children-like-people.”