Tao64Arts NGO is a humanitarian non-profit organization founded in January 2018, in Greece, with the purpose of promoting human virtues like harmony, compassion, wisdom, common sense, goodness, tolerance, solidarity and acceptance to all people. It is constituted similarly to an artistic school that shares knowledge through various workshops, classes, lessons, conferences, retreats, charity events, and others.


We are a group of artists who decided to offer help to a large number of underdeveloped children from all over the world.

We believe that offering just food and a tent is not enough to save a soul, that’s why we would like to create a more beautiful center for those children who will be educated, using different Arts and creativity, similar to an after-school. They will receive also English lessons.

We were witnessing the situation of poor children from the countries that are in risk of danger and we acknowledge that education is a must, otherwise those pupils when they become teenagers can develop into criminals.

Instead, if we will offer them more than something for their bodies to grow, like courses for their mind and moral support, we really offer them a better chance in life, like the possibility of obtaining a job later on!


  • We intend to offer more beautiful donations, hand made by valuable artists.
  • To help poor children, no matter their religion, age, race, or nationality!
  • We would like to offer better living conditions for abandoned children. We see it as an open-door center where people visit out of the enjoyment of playing, to be educated, and to obtain mastery in all their artistic aptitudes.
  • To offer food, clothes, therapies, and education to a minimum of 1000 children.
  • To create together a better world, based on non-violence, and to educate teenagers.
  • To collaborate with other NGOs that offer protection for people with health issues.


The one having the idea of this project is master Roxana Anghel, president of the Tao64Arts NGO, she has more than 15 years of experience in NGO management and volunteering. Roxana helps people from all over the world to be happier and healthier, offering her courses, advice, and healing sessions even for free: “We already started to give donations to a few poor children from Europe and abroad, being sustained by international institutions.” The money raised from charity events and selling of her books will be donated for the purpose of this program.

We would be very happy if you will sustain our project by donating to our cause at:

We are looking not only for help in money but also through physical help. If you would like to support our vision, you are welcome to join our team as a volunteer.

You can apply your questions by submitting them to the contact form.

Thank you for your help!