Cosmicizarea Puterii

19,00  8,95 

Written in Romanian language, it is a book that gives a solution to the modern political crisis of “democracy”, by unifying the idea of the monarchy with the democratic principles, under the vision of a spiritual raw model leader. The book goes back in time and presents the life of the Hindu King Ashoka that encouraged Buddhism and implemented a healthy lifestyle to the population of India that is being maintained till nowadays, even after hundreds of years. The reader can find in the book the political elements and visions of the Greek great philosophers, like Anaximandru, Pericles, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Herodot and Darius.

The book is available in PDF format and can be easily downloaded and read on smart devices.

Miss Roxana Anghel is working on translating this book into English and it will make it available in the nearest future.


A considerable amount from the income made from the selling of these books will be transferred for the Fundraising project of lady Roxana Anghel: CHARITY 4 POOR KIDS, affiliated to Tao64arts NGO.

“Poor kids of the planet belong to all of us!”