Nimicul Transcendental

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The book’s title means the Transcendental Nothingness.

What do you mean, nothing and transcendent? If nothing, what to transcend? The mind has a moment of Zen! There is an ineffable mystery even in the reality of Nothing. Walking on the guiding thread of undeniable reality, we discover the endless savor of inner peace that reveals to us the Supreme Truth: We are Nothing!

The book discusses a spiritual-scientific theory on the origins of the universe, preceding the Big Bang, and provides an answer to the Big Crunch questions. It is also an invitation to play, in the book are left white pages on which the reader can write his own revelations following the exercises proposed by the writer.

Available only in printed Romanian Language version.

We are working on the English translation that will soon be published on our website!


A considerable amount from the income made from the selling of these books will be transferred for the Fundraising project of lady Roxana Anghel: CHARITY 4 POOR KIDS, affiliated to Tao64arts NGO.

“Poor kids of the planet belong to all of us!”