Fulfilment in Couple Relationship

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English Only!

Roxana Anghel made a few group studies on the couple relationship subject during the courses she is keeping as a teacher for the last 20 years and she decided to unite the resume of these studies in one book.

The book is about the couple relation and will offer solutions to the main nowadays problems men and women are confronting with. It is an advance approach and you will find presented the following information that will transform your love life: self-inquiry, healthy treatments for disorders, revealing the love language, understanding the androgyny within us and the need for privacy, the secret of karezza, the game of five senses and many others.

The book is available only in English, in pdf format (with the PDF format you can read the book directly on your smart device).
Published book on papers and e-books on Kindle format can be purchased at this address:

A considerable amount from the income made from the selling of these books will be transferred for the Fundraising project of lady Roxana Anghel: CHARITY 4 POOR KIDS, affiliated to Tao64arts NGO.

“Poor kids of the planet belong to all of us!”