The Samadhi Energy Dance Center welcomes you with joy and love to the Energy Dance Course, online.

The course is addressed to all those who want to discover and highlight new forms of manifestation of life through energy dance. Following this course, you can become a great coach in
energetic dance, you will even receive a beautiful diploma that will allow you to start teaching immediately.

The following are required to conduct the online course in good condition:

1. Telephone or computer equipped with video camera, for signal transmission and reception.

2. Dance mat. I recommend using a white round carpet with a size of 120 centimeters.
If you do not have such a carpet, you can use a carpet of at least 80 centimeters, round or any other carpet, of any shape, with a side of at least 80 centimeters.

3. Access to an online app or video-acoustic signal transmission platform: Zoom.

Energy Dance can be used for the following purposes:

• for access to higher levels of human training,
• for the therapy of acute suffering and chronic diseases,
• for relaxation and meditation,
• for raising states of consciousness,
• to increase performance in everyday life,
• to improve the quality of life and relationships,
• to acquire the quality of instructor in energy dance.
• for the opening of its own energy dance center,

The course comprises 5 stages, namely:
• stage I – Initiation dances
• stage II – Deepening dances
• stage III – Dances for integrative coaching
• stage IV – Examination
• stage V – Festive course

The course can be taken in order to learn the practice of energy dance.
People who want to assimilate the Energy Dance only for themselves, can participate in the course, without taking the knowledge verification exams.

Students will receive as a gift the books “The Power of Knowledge” and “Energy Dance”, by author Ioan, who is the initiator for the method of training through energy dance.

The duration of a course stage is 3 hours. Price can vary.
The next stage of the course is taught after a minimum of 21 days.
In the 21 days following a stage, students will experience energetical dancing at home.

Additional information and registration at:
Private Message on Fb and Instagram: RoxanaAnghel.Official