Fundraising New Campaign 2020

CHARITY PROJECT “POOR CHILDREN OF THE PLANET BELONG TO ALL OF US!” PRESENTATION: Tao64Arts NGO is a humanitarian non-profit organization founded in January 2018, in Greece, with the purpose of promoting human virtues like harmony, compassion, wisdom, common sense,... read more

Public Statement

“I hereby note that I am not a member of any political organization or group which promotes ideas and interests that are contrary to the European constitutional laws, I am not associated with a known Romanian Movement and neither I or Tao64Arts NGO is not part... read more

Velvet Sunset (poem)

Sadly this poem was inspired by the unique world situation, this globally spread quarantine due to unknown virus Corona…we will keep it in our memory. I invite you to read it below: More posts and updates available on social media... read more

CANCELED – Book Launch in Athens, 16th March 2020

Η πληρότητα μιας ερωτικής σχέσης στο Βιβλιοπωλείο Πατάκη Οι εκδόσεις Το Μέλλον και το Βιβλιοπωλείο Πατάκη σας προσκαλούν στην παρουσίαση του δοκιμίου της Ροξάνα Ανγκέλ “Η πληρότητα μιας ερωτικής σχέσης”, τη Δευτέρα 16 Μαρτίου στις 19.00 στο Βιβλιοπωλείο... read more

Upcoming Soon

Writer Roxana Anghel just finalise the Romanian version of the book regarding the King that united India –  Ashoka, not only by power, but also through peace. India’s flag still wears his symbol, after many centuries, The Lion of Vaishali! We hope that... read more

Unveiling the mysteries of Egypt

During April 2019, teacher Roxana Anghel travelled throughout Egypt to discover the wonders of the world: The Pyramids and the Great Sphinx, The Valley of Kings and Queens with their impressive tombs, The Luxor Temple with its gigantic statues, and the marvellous... read more

Holy Bath in Kumbha Mela

At the invitation of Master of masters with the name Aghor Swami Bal Yogeshwar Maharaj, Roxana accepted to participate into the Kumbha Mela festival from Allahabad, India, in January 2019. She was received in an official manner and warmly welcomed at the Varanasi... read more

Warm hugs while the sun rises

It was a great joy for Roxana to meet with famous French writer Jacques Ferber in Greece. A deep connection was created between their spirits few years ago! The love for the tantric path united them and they understood that “everything that exists is in a mutual... read more

Ambassador for InterNations

In July 2017, the InterNations community of Expats in Greece invited Roxana Anghel to participate to one party that took place in Hilton Hotel. She was delighted by the way the event went and decided to become a member. She passed very well the interview with the... read more

Acropolis tour followed by Lecture

Roxana Anghel organized together with InterNations and NovaGea a beautiful tour on Acropolis and Fillopappou Hill in Greece and soon after that she kept a lecture upon the subject “The art of walking in a correct and healthy manner”, in The Upper freshly... read more

Big step when moving to Greece!

In June 2017, writer Roxana Anghel moved to the capital of Greece (Athens) with the purpose of working on her books and establishing an artistic school. She found the relaxing and exotic environment of one of the most beautiful countries of the world as being perfect... read more

Seminar “The Woman at Superlative”

During the opening seminar of the intensive course “Woman at Superlative” organized by the Club Femina Iasi, whose founder is psychologist and psychotherapist Angela Roscan, writer Roxana Anghel held a conference on the importance of being aware of one’s... read more

Launching the book The Transcendental Nothingness

The International Pronia Publishing House accepts the challenge of publishing Roxana Anghel’s book that discusses a spiritual-scientific theory on the origins of the universe, preceding the Big Bang, and provides an answer to the Big Crunch questions. It is also... read more

Invitation to the International Yoga Congress

The theme of the conference: “Practical ways of accessing at will the ecstatic state, Samadhi.” For some reasons, Roxana Anghel did not attend this event, but the material she has prepared for this conference has been greatly enriched and will become a... read more

Conference “Being in Dialogue with God”

In a women’s camp organized in Greece, which had as the inquiry the existence of God, Roxana Anghel presented a simple exercise to enter into dialogue with the Supreme Being, God the Father. Feedback was overwhelming, because many women were feeling and hearing... read more