The Aphrodite feminine club in Cluj held quarterly conferences for women in Romania, inviting writers to present themes that would emulate the inward transformation of becoming real women. Roxana Anghel presented the conference entitled “Exemplary Aspiration of a Spiritual Heroine” and reviewed some female models in the history of humanity. She spoke about the reality of the Amazons horsewomen, powerful women who lived in the territory of ancient Greece and Romania, according to the notes made by the Hippocrates, Eschil, Homer and Herodotus. The Greek mythology attributes to these women the title of daughters of Ares, the Hellenic God of War, and of the Nymph Armonia, two contrasting portraits designed to suggest male force and bravery in the delicacy of the female body. Chronological classification of Amazonian tribes is unknown, but geographically, there are many sources that originate them in the northern Black Sea. There have been found engraved objects that prove the existence of amazon women and on the territory of countries such as Libya, Thermiscrya, Anatolia today and even in the Mongolian region of Eurasia. Another model woman, the subject of the conference, was Jeanne D’Arc, a genuine spiritual heroine that showed exemplary aspiration. She lived between1412-1431, a short life of 19 years, but which was much more intense and memorable than the long life of other people. Considered “Holy of all”, Mother Teresa remained in the history of the world and in the memory of mankind as one of the most important symbols of life dedicated to charity, caring for those in need in the name of Christ’s love. Much less is known that the one beatified by the Vatican in 2003 had, through her father, a Macedon-Romanian origin. Her birth name was Agnese Gongea N. Boiangiu. What we find in all dictionaries – Agnese Gonxhe Bojaxhiu is nothing but the Albanian version of it.

At the end of the conference Roxana sustained a meditation with the same theme to make the information received easier to memorize.