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I am a woman who was born with a great love for God, that is why I include my work into the category of universal spirituality. I discovered my writing skill at the age of 16, through poems and essays, when I started to collaborate with the weekly magazine of my high-school and my writings were very well appreciated by Romanian readers.  I was winning 1st and 2nd prizes in contests. The jury congratulated me by saying that I have the same writing skills as Novalis, Nabokov and Reiner Maria Rilke. During university, I was working as a journalist in Bucharest, but I did not like the domain, so I was just collaborating from time to time with some publishing houses. I graduated very well at the University of Communication and Public Relations at SNSPA, in Bucharest, 2009.

In 2012, I decided to gather all my work in one book. In this way, I was born „Cautarea neincetata a sufletului meu calator” / The Seeking of my traveling soul”, in August 2013. I was overwhelmed when my work was again well-received by important Romanian writers who encouraged me to publish more books and to develop my talent. They had this reaction after reading chapter 3, „Luceafărul – Analiza literară din perspectiva tradiției milenare a sistemului Tantra Yoga / Hyperion Morning Star – Analysis made from the perspective of the ancient tradition of the Tantra Yoga system”, that implied a lot of effort as I took into study every symbol of each vers of the longest poem that exists – 98 verses, poem that was written one century ago by a Romanian genius, Mihai Eminescu!

In June 2016, I published „Nimicul Transcendental / The Transcendental Nothingness”, an initiating essay upon the spiritual and scientific view, connecting human beings with God from the philosophic perspective of the quantum physics.

Now I am decided to continue my work in what I call „the gift for humanity, which I offer with compassion”, meaning my books, as I am writing on more projects, both in Romanian and directly in English. I am also glad that my books started to be translated into other languages!

Overall, I am considered an artist with multiple aptitudes: writing, dancing, acting, photo-modeling, painting, speaking in public, preaching, but most of all…it will make me very happy if many people will read my books, as every reading will enrich them with higher knowledge!


CAUTAREA / The Seeking

The book emphasizes the theme, the rediscovery of the self. We observe a combination of genres, from poetry, diary, short prose, essay, research, literary analysis, comparative study to suggestive illustrations. The thread of the work is the theme of universal, detached love. The literary analysis of the masterpiece “Luceafărul” by Mihai Eminescu surprises with the rich readings of the author in the field, highlighted by critical references and excited by the comparisons with the Indian spirituality, especially from the perspective of Tantra Yoga.

The Transcendental Nothingness

What do you mean, nothing and transcendent? If nothing, what to transcend? The brisk mind has a Zen moment. There is an ineffable mystery even in the reality of Nothing. Walking on the guiding thread of an undeniable reality, we discover the endless savor of inner peace that reveals to us the Supreme Truth: We are Nothing!
The book discusses a spiritual-scientific theory on the origins of the universe, preceding the Big Bang, and provides an answer to the big crunch questions. It is also an invitation to play, in the book are left white pages on which the reader can write his own revelations following the exercises proposed by the writer.

Η πληρότητα μιας ερωτικής σχέσης

Η λέξη πληρότητα προέρχεται από το επίθετο πλήρης, ομόρριζο του πολύς, δηλαδή της αφθονίας, του πλήθους, του γεμάτου από κάτι. Γενικώς, δεν συνηθίζεται η συσχέτιση των λέξεων ερωτική και πληρότητα, κυρίως γιατί στη σημερινή εποχή οι άνθρωποι κάνουν μόνο σεξ και θεωρούν ότι έχουν μια ικανοποιητική «σεξουαλική επαφή». Η λέξη πληρότητα χρησιμοποιείται συνήθως για την περιγραφή ενός εγκάρδιου περιστατικού ή συναισθήματος. Άρα τι εννοούμε με την έννοια της ερωτικής πληρότητας; Σύμφωνα με την ταντρική οπτική, η σεξουαλικότητα είναι κάτι παραπάνω από ένστικτο. Η αγάπη παρακινεί τους ανθρώπους να ξεκινήσουν να κάνουν έρωτα λόγω μιας ενδόμυχης ανάγκης για ολοκλήρωση. Το ανθρώπινο είδος δεν μπορεί να επιβιώσει χωρίς έρωτα, χωρίς να ικανοποιηθεί ο πόθος του για ολοκλήρωση. Η Ροξάνα Ανγκέλ επιχειρεί να σκιαγραφήσει τις ερωτικές σχέσεις, να εντοπίσει τα προβλήματα που υπάρχουν στα ζευγάρια και εν τέλει να τα βοηθήσει να τα λύσουν, δίνοντας συμβουλές και προτείνοντας ασκήσεις.

Fulfilment in Couple Relationship

Roxana Anghel made a few group studies on the couple relationship subject during the courses she is keeping as a teacher for the last 20 years and she decided to unite the resume of these studies in one book. The book is about the couple relation and will offer solutions to the main nowadays problems men and women are confronting with. It is an advance approach and you will find presented the following information that will transform your love life: self-inquiry, healthy treatments for disorders, revealing the love language, understanding the androgyny within us and the need for privacy, the secret of karezza, the game of five senses and many others.


A book is more than a series of verbal structures, it is a dialogue established with the reader, the tone it imposes on the reader, and it is the image that remains imposed on its memory. Books are the most quiet and constant friends; are the most accessible and wise counselors and the most patient teachers. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful book! It’s an impressive creation!


Andreea Ioana Neamtu

Roxana Anghel is Lao Tzu of Romania, she succeeds in uniting the two universal contradictions, nothing and everything, in a single book. In Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu writes that “being and non-existence depend on one another in growth,” a truth that we find extensively explained in Roxana’s book, The Transcendental Nothingness.


Great book flow and easy for readers to get its energy! I personally advised Mrs. Roxana Anghel to start translating her book in Arabic language and to present it at Cairo International Book exhibition for 2020.

Fady Fawzy Fadlallah 

International Law Counselor

I believe that any spirit has another soul similar to it and this soul will search for a similar one until you find it.  When I found Roxana’s page on Facebook, I found my fingers reducing the page and seeing what is in it, and I found my eyes reading all her writings, something beautiful moved me deep in my soul, while I was inside this great edifice of ideas, beliefs and traditions. I found myself swimming in a new world that I searched for a long time ago. I have followed her page for a few months, interesting to read new ideas.

Moawia D.

Police Officer

Visions of sentiment

The book of Roxana Anghel, The Incessant Seeking of My Traveler Soul, underscores from the beginning the theme, the rediscovery of self, as well as the personal and authentic style through the Hymn surprisingly dedicated to God and through the dedication to her Romanian teacher.

We observe a combination of genres, from poetry, diary, short prose, essay, research, literary analysis, comparative study, suggestive illustrations. I especially appreciated the thread of the work, which is the subject of universal love, detached, as well as sincerity and direct communication with the reader. There is a lot of sensitivity and an explosion of feeling in Roxana Anghel’s book, all related to the divine in the end.

The literary analysis of the masterpiece Luceafărul by Mihai Eminescu surprises by the rich readings of the author in this field highlighted by critical references and excited by the comparisons with the Indian spirituality, especially from the perspective of Yoga, namely Tantra Yoga.

Roxana Anghel, however, finds herself in poetry and into an impressive sensitivity and sincerity. Her book addresses to the people with an open soul, who I am convinced that despite the times, the waves and the winds, are continue to be born …

Mircea Itu


The book is gorgeous, as I guessed a little browsing, and already took my energy up.
It’s written from the revelation of the self.

Claudia Baciu

Teacher Roxana Anghel’s book that was translated in Greek is an excellent publication!

Aristides Madellis

Director of Studies


“Am cuparat cartea Nimicul Transcendental mai demult si citind atunci nu am inteles mare lucru, dar apoi am avut niste intamplari in viata de zi cu zi incat am luat-o din nou pe acest drum al descoperirii. Intorcandu-ma in Romania am dat peste carte din nou si am inceput sa o recitesc. Acum inteleg totul clar si pur si simplu ma minunez! Si tot citesc si vreau sa cunosc mai mult, pentru ca mi se confirma niste idei pe care le credeam cand eram mica, doar ca atunci cand ne maturizam incetam sa mai credem si incepem sa facem in mare doar ce ne spun parintii! Sunt foarte entuziasmata si plina de intrebari! Super cartea!”



When Roxana told me how this book is going to be called, I just felt as though a wave of aspiration ascended into me and how I began floating slightly, subtly. My agitated mind had a moment of Zen when she told me that the title of the book was “The Transcendental Nothingness”. It simply did not want to accept it. What do you mean by nothing that is transcendental? If nothing, what to transcend? But something inside told me it was far more than that. Later, reading this book, this feeling of exaltation was preserved and it was like a kind of trance, something that puts me above the perceptions of ordinary life. Thinking better, I realized that whenever I heard the word, something in me was withdrawing as if she wanted to avoid confrontation with something that the mind could not conceive or fit into some very clear pattern.


Dana Meculescu


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